ShareScanner - a netscan for linux

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"ShareScanner is a free multi-threaded Samba and Netbios scanner with a nice graphic user interface and many advanced features coming soon. It is intended for both system administrators and general users interested in computer security. The program uses multiple instances of "smbclient" to display which types of resources are shared on the network (including system and hidden).

In addition, it allows you to mount shared folders as network drives, browse them using Nautilus, Dolphin and Konqueror. It automatically filters the results list thereby displaying only those systems having shared files/folders. It can also resolve host names and remembers your IP range set after first usage. It is somewhat a netscan analog for linux.

The download archive contains 32 & 64-bit debian and rpm packages ready for installation. For other systems binary and readme file are provided. More features coming soon... "